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secondary 24 Aug

How to Lock a Double Door

As technology advances, more ways of securing our properties emerge. Having a double door lock installation is highly effective in providing added protection. If you need more peace of mind as well as professional advice on protecting your homes and business building, then, read this article to learn more about ways to make double doors more effective and the locking process.

What Are Double Doors

Double doors are a customized door system involving two entry points. They are positioned side by side to each other within the same frame. The panels of each door open in the middle making the entry for a double door wider. 

Some individuals may mistake them for French doors. These two are different in many ways. Double doors are bigger, while French doors are smaller and made from metal and fiberglass. Double doors feature inactive leaves, which might be equal or unequal in width depending on the design. You can find double doors in many commercial or business buildings and some residential buildings. 

Simple Ways to Lock Double Door

Securing your double door is simple when things are done properly. More so, we want you to understand the components needed to make the door more effective including the role of a locksmith in the process. Here are a few steps to installing the right components and locking your double door. 

Choose a Robust Lockset 

The type of lockset is significant to its security. Get one that fits your door correctly and a high-quality lockset. If you check around, there are different brands to choose from. However, it is better to get a lockset recommended by a reliable locksmith. That way, the installation can be fast and you’d be sure it will provide the highest level of security. 

Install Top And Bottom Flush Bolts 

The next step is to install the flush bolts. If you are working with a good locksmith, he would cut the strike hole in the inactive leaf. But you can do that with the right tools. Next is installing the top and bottom blush bolts as you work them into the leaf until properly fixed.

Strike Plate Installation

You must drill a hole into the door jamb to install the strike plates. Using a hammer and a chisel, mortise the top strike plate as you install it in place with the inactive leaf on the door. Ensure that the strike plate is screwed correctly and move to repeat the same process for the bottom strike plate. 

Ensure The Leaf and Flush Bolts Are Locked

One of the things to bear in mind is to lock both flush bolts and inactive leaves. You can leave it unlocked unless you have some work to do in the building, like moving equipment or furniture. It would help if you always made a habit of locking up. That way, your home or commercial building will remain safe.

Call us for Double Door Lock Installation 

At Top Phoenix Locksmith, we have the expertise and capability of handling different door locks, double doors inclusive. Our locksmiths are skilled in lockset installation, installation of automatic doors, and other types of doors to ensure the safety and security of your property.

Contact us today for double door lock installation and other services. We will assure you will get a fast solution at a fair price too.

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