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secondary 03 Sep

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Commercial Door?

Many things come to mind when developing the office building renovation checklist. The consideration goes from planning, design, to material procurement and the main construction. However, some building managers fail to consult qualified locksmiths for commercial door lock installation during the renovation planning and implementation stages.

Irrespective of the cost or other reasons, you should know that old and feeble doors pose a security risk for employees, visitors, and others. So no need to shy away from commercial door replacement when the need arises. Because maintaining levels of security for your business should never be on the back burner, it is a necessity!

In this article, you’ll get the right information to make an informed decision about commercial doors and locks.

Reasons You Should Consider a Commercial Door Replacement

  • Difficulty in Closing:

A door that is hard to shut is embarrassing in your workplace. Apart from being a security threat, it could discourage customers from returning. If you have repeatedly repaired the door hinges, and it keeps having difficulty closing, consider installing a new commercial door.

  • Visible Scratches and Cracks:

The presence of visible cracks shows you need a new door. First, you need to give a better image to the business. A door with scratches looks unappealing to the eyes and might signal to customers that this environment is untidy. If customers see dents, cracks, and scrapes all over the door, it's enough to throw anyone off.

  • Drafts Penetrate Through the Door:

Having a door that light can penetrate and escape through corners into the house. If you want to keep your heating bills low, replace the door.

  • Door is Stuck and Scraping the Floor:

If your door is getting stuck and you must add extra effort to pull or push before it moves, it's a sign to replace it. The scraping on the floor can damage it, which will cost you extra money to change your flooring.

  • The Actual Cost of Commercial Door Installation

Several factors can influence the price of the commercial door, including installation costs, labor, strength of materials, and the level of customization. Then other considerations like fire rating, amount of gauge steel (18 preferable), galvanization, vendor considerations, and more.

On average, business owners should budget from $900-$2,500 to get a commercial high-security door installed. And they should involve commercial locksmiths during the planning stage.

Advantages of Commercial Door Lock Installation

  • Advanced Security

Your safety and security should never be price-tagged. An installed and functional high-security commercial door will deter criminals from attacking your business.

  • Potential Savings and Peace of Mind

Preventing break-ins comes with a lot of savings to the business owners. In addition, you will sustain the integrity of your business to customers.

  • It is Time to Fortify your Security!

If your commercial door is no longer serving its use, it's time to get rid of it! There is no point in keeping a weak, dysfunctional door that will not close properly. Also, be reminded to hire a reliable locksmith service provider for all your lock-related needs. 

Contact Top Phoenix Locksmith to get quality commercial door lock installation and replacement. We help businesses to better secure their premises with the installation of sturdy locks. Call us today to get a free quote from one of our sales team.

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