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Lock Installation Service in Gilbert, AZ

Residents in Gilbert, AZ who are looking for a reliable locksmith can call Top Phoenix Locksmith for quick and affordable services. Our dedicated locksmiths can deliver dependable lock repair, lock replacement, and lock installation in Gilbert. Whether you need a quick lock change, an urgent lock repair, or an upgrade to advanced locks, the professionals at Top Phoenix Locksmith are ready to help. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to work on residential locks as well as commercial locks. Call Top Phoenix Locksmith now to speak with a live representative, get a free price estimate, and schedule a convenient appointment or arrange an emergency lock repair in Gilbert today.


Quick Help: A Lock Change

Are you worried that someone has a copy of your keys? If you have recently moved into a new place or had a tenant or roommates move out, then you might be concerned. There is no reason to stress though. We have a quick solution: a lock change. This service does not involve removing the locks or purchasing new ones. A lock change simply reconfigures the existing lock so that a new key is required, making old keys obsolete. Want to give your locks a reset? Call Top Phoenix Locksmith to arrange a quick lock change in Gilbert, AZ today. Our mobile locksmiths are ready when you are.

Damaged Locks? We Can Help

Whether you have experienced a burglary-attempt or forced your key and broke your lock, there is no time to waste. A damaged lock is a serious weak link in your building’s security and should be resolved as soon as possible. Luckily, Top Phoenix Locksmith is just a call a way. Our mobile locksmiths are spread out through the city and can be at your location as soon as possible. They are equipped to take care of residential and commercial locks alike. Call now to request an urgent lock repair or lock replacement in Gilbert. We are ready when you are.

Hop Into the 21st Century with Advanced Locks

Want to fortify your building’s security? Consider an advanced door lock installation. Specifically, smart locks can bring your property security firmly into the 21st century. These locks allow you to lock and unlock doors and windows remotely through your smartphone. Smart locks offer a host of other features as well, including:

  • Voice controls
  • Geofencing
  • Auto-locking
  • Access control
  • Activity logs

These features boast improved accessibility, flexibility, and security. Carrying groceries from the car? Why pull out a bunch of keys when you have voice activated locks? Away on vacation and forgot to give your kids a spare key? That’s an old problem. With a smart lock, you can create a profile for them remotely. Or you can lock and unlock the doors directly. Finally, activity logs can help you track who has been coming in and out of the office.

Call Top Phoenix Locksmith to learn more about how you can upgrade your commercial and residential locks. Don’t forget to check around our website to find coupons, discounts, and promotional offers!


What our happy customers have to say about our professional locksmith services.

I called and called and called around places. Every one of them seemed fishy. They always say they will have a tech call you. The tech wants to charge an arm and a leg...and come to you. Thank you Top Phoenix Locksmith!!

Ciara Ingrid

Super professional service. I needed a lock change on my front door. Someone broke into my house and this time I wanted a lock with a code system - so I could feel more secured. The lady in the phone was very friendly and helped me out with booking an appointment with the locksmith. Everything went smooth, professional and good quality. The locksmith even tested the code systems several times before leaving. Best service! Definitely calling them again (if needed)

Williams Jery

Tech is great at what he does. His prices are good and his service was fast. He was very upfront with me about everything and didn't just stick me with a surprisingly huge bill (which has happened from other locksmiths! one charged me $230 to let me in my standard lock home!) We will for sure use him in the future

Tolles Konzept

Thank you for running a business like we all should. You guys are true examples of exemplary customer service! I will recommend you forever!

Kevin Thomas

Very Professional Locksmith services. The technician was prompt for appointment, quick & efficient with his work. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends family and colleagues. Thank You!

Agnes Wilkins

I put a request in online and they called quickly and came out pretty fast as well. The boys who helped were very nice and professional and worked as quickly as they could. Very much appreciated and one of the best experiences I’ve had!

Dustin Townsend