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blog 07 Sep
What is a Master Locksmith? 1 Views

Knowing the class or caliber of a locksmith is essential when searching for a reliable service provider. It's necessary to work with a locksmith who has passed the testing from MLA to prove that they are competent enough to work. In other words, you are more assured of a reliable service since the…

Recent Post

blog 02 Aug
The Best Wi-Fi Locks For 2023 1 Views

The locking systems have evolved over the years. Most homeowners are embracing smart locks because of their numerous advantages. These locks allow you to give temporary access codes to a friend, family, service provider, etc.  Are you looking for Wi-Fi-enabled locks? Jump in here to check out our…

blog 27 Jul
What Are Key Fobs, And How Do They Work? 1 Views

Key fobs as physical tokens provide more security and convenience to car owners. They give you full control over your car's security. Therefore, think of the key fob as a tiny device rather than a critical part of your car's security and safety. This article will look at how key fobs work, the…

blog 19 Jul
Top Holiday Home Security Tips 1 Views

Security is a must if you want to enjoy peace of mind during the holiday season. Amid the excitement and preparations for the holidays, you might get carried away, but remember that burglars take advantage of this period to strike! Therefore, securing your home and belongings is paramount while you…

blog 12 Jul
What Should You Expect When Calling a Locksmith 2 Views

Some people may have enjoyed working with a locksmith in the past but a reasonable number out there are yet to get such services. However, at some point in life, you’d need a locksmith because unexpected situations can occur. For example, you may lose your house or car key, your locks suddenly…

blog 05 Jul
How to Decide Between Access Control Types 2 Views

No doubt, there are different types of access control systems in the marketplace. With many physical access control solutions available, the consumer might get confused! If you want to control who enters a facility, whether a business or residential property, an access control system will help. These…

blog 28 Jun
Frequently Asked Questions About Car Key Duplication 2 Views

What are your questions about car key duplication? Some people are interested in knowing more about key duplication. They want to understand the difference between duplication and replacement. To help resolve these complications, we will consider the most asked questions about car key duplication, read…

blog 21 Jun
How to Make Your Garden More Secure 1 Views

Burglary attack is one of the challenges homeowners face. Despite all precautions and investment in security systems, they happen anyway and in the most unpredictable manner. Sometimes, the garden might be the weak link in your security system and that is the reason you must secure it against these…

blog 15 Jun
Home Security Assessment Checklist 2 Views

A good security system wades off criminals and discourages them from attacking potential victims. So apart from setting the indoor and outdoor decor of the home, security is a must-do. However, don't wait till there is an emergency before enhancing your security systems. Take proactive steps, including…

blog 08 Jun
Door Lock Problems and Why They Occur 1 Views

Door locks may suddenly start malfunctioning or present a range of problems in our homes and workplaces. These issues often go unnoticed until they inconvenience us unexpectedly, leading to potential lockouts. We need to be aware of these common problems so that we can address them promptly and maintain…

blog 01 Jun
How to Avoid Locksmith Scammers 1 Views

No doubt, scammers have infiltrated the security and locksmith industry. They know how vulnerable people could be when they are involved in lockout emergencies. And they take advantage of such situations! However, let’s not forget that locksmiths are professional technicians using specific tools…

blog 24 May
How Do You Replace Lost Car Keys 1 Views

Some car owners like carrying their car keys in a bunch, and it can get unpleasant when it gets missing! Do not worry because you can get a key replacement and start driving your car again.  Top Phoenix Locksmith has been helping people needing car key replacement for years. Irrespective…

blog 16 May
What is a Transponder Key 1 Views

A transponder key is a great anti-theft key providing a high level of security. With each year, it keeps getting new upgrades to work better. Many manufacturing companies are now jumping into the "transponder key" system, and you can see them in the latest cars on the road.  What are…

blog 10 May
How to Tell if You Need Door Repair Service 1 Views

A strong and functional door is essential for your home security and helps keep intruders at bay. Even though most doors are made of durable materials, with time, they will need repair and maintenance.  Repairing your door as soon as possible is essential, and leaving it unrepaired might lead to…

blog 03 May
How to Prevent a Home Invasion 2 Views

Many people are too busy to take their home security seriously. Sometimes, home security measures are kept in the background until a criminal invasion happens. You will learn various safety approaches to protect your home from criminal attacks in this article. However, if you need a locksmith service…

blog 28 Apr
Types of Locks That Secure Your Property 1 Views

Are you searching for a reliable lock for your home? Perhaps you moved into a new apartment or you want to upgrade your security. To help you select a suitable lock that will suit your security needs, we will look at the different types of locks in this article. Keep reading to see the various lock…

blog 19 Apr
Fascinating Lock and Key Facts 2 Views

Locks and keys are part of life, yet we often take them for granted. A locksmith can help secure our homes, cars, and valuable possessions with appropriate locks - but there were numerous interesting facts about locks and keys you probably never knew. Top Phoenix Locksmith explores fascinating information…

blog 12 Apr
Solving the Rekey vs. Replacing Locks Debate 2 Views

When protecting your property, one of the major debates is whether to have a locksmith rekey or replace the locks. Each option has pros and cons; ultimately, it comes down to personal needs and circumstances. Top Phoenix Locksmith will thoroughly explore both options so that you can make an informed…

blog 05 Apr
Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your Locks 2 Views

Locks are integral to home or business security systems, protecting valuable items and loved ones from unauthorized entry. Unfortunately, not all locks are created equal, and mistakes in usage can make them ineffective. But how do you know what the mistakes are? Top Phoenix Locksmith has some tips,…

blog 30 Mar
Mercedes Keys 2 Views

Mercedes is a symbol of sophistication, innovation, and reliability since its inception. The brand has consistently produced exceptional cars that are known for their class, elegance, and power. A key component of the Mercedes-Benz car ownership experience is the Mercedes key which is susceptible to…

blog 26 Mar
The Best Ways to Prevent Lockouts 2 Views

Lockouts can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you find yourself locked out of your home or office. Not only can it be a hassle to regain access, but it can be costly, time-consuming, and could make your security vulnerable to attacks. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent home or…

blog 15 Mar
What To Do When Your Key Fob Isn't Working? 2 Views

When your remote key stops working, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. But before you panic and consider buying a new key, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. Before you call a locksmith in Surprise, AZ, we'll go over what to do when your key isn't working: verifying…

blog 08 Mar
Why You Should Care About Your Door Hardware 1 Views

Door hardware may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering home or business improvements, but it is certainly a vital component of both. From enhancing security to improving energy efficiency, door hardware can significantly impact the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your…

blog 01 Mar
Does Car Insurance Cover Locksmith Services? 2 Views

Car insurance is essential for those who own vehicles, as it provides financial protection in the case of an accident or theft. Unfortunately, many motorists need to learn what their insurance policy covers regarding locksmith services when needed. The Top Phoenix Locksmith team answers the question…

blog 22 Feb
What Are the Benefits of High-Security Locks 2 Views

High-security locks offer numerous advantages to consumers. Not only are these locks resistant to bumping or picking, but they can be installed at an economical price point; they can be reset instantly in an emergency. At Top Phoenix Locksmith, we can help you with lock installation. High-Security Locks…

blog 15 Feb
What to Do If My Key Stuck In the Ignition 2 Views

When inserting your car key into the ignition, you expect it to start up without any hassles. Unfortunately, sometimes keys can get stuck and leave you in an annoying situation. There are several possible causes of why this could occur and how best to protect against damage to your vehicle. Let’s…

blog 08 Feb
Tips to Prevent Locking Your Children In The Car 1 Views

Every year, many cases of children getting locked inside cars grow, leading to tragedy. Car doors are designed for adults only. Children can be seriously injured or even die if left inside a car. Smaller spaces and higher temperatures are dangerous for young children because it limits their ability…

blog 01 Feb
What to do When Your Key Breaks in the Lock? 2 Views

When you're locked out of your house or vehicle, it can cause instant panic. If you don't have access to your vehicle and can't find the spare key for any reason, this will cause you an array of problems and damage. While a good locksmith can open most vehicles these days, there is a certain…

blog 25 Jan
How to Fix a Window That Won't Lock 2 Views

A window is one of the most ingenious inventions in the history of man. It’s beautiful. It opens up to the world, allowing us to bask in its glory. However, not all windows are this gracious and welcoming. There are instances where a window refuses to oblige our beckoning voice and remains stubbornly…

blog 18 Jan
Where Should You Hide Your House Key? 2 Views

There are so many things to worry about these days it's easy to lose track of whether or not your doors are locked. All it takes is walking out of the house with an armful of bags, kids, pets, or any other distracting activity. Odds are you have a key somewhere in your home to open your front door…

blog 11 Jan
Tips to Avoid Locking Your Keys Inside Your Car 1 Views

The ability to quickly open your vehicle, roll down the window, and drive off in your car is something you take for granted. But what happens when they're not possible? It’s time to call a locksmith. When you lock your keys in the car, you suddenly have a problem. Don't panic, though –…

blog 04 Jan
4 Tips for Avoiding a Business Lockout 1 Views

In today's hectic business world, ensuring that every little detail is taken care of can be difficult. There's always a new client to call and an important meeting to attend. If you're careful, you could avoid a lockout situation. Learning to prevent a lockout is essential for anyone working…

blog 28 Dec
How to Burglar-Proof Your Home on a Budget 2 Views

Burglars are opportunists watching for the chance to strike. They could be fantasizing about stealing from you as you read this. You will sleep better with a few simple measures to ensure your home is secure. Install an alarm system, deadbolt doors, close curtains, and trim shrubs. Top Phoenix Locksmith…

blog 20 Dec
Can a Transponder Key Go Bad? 2 Views

A transponder is a smart key system used in vehicles and other applications to replace traditional ignition keys. These keys are programmed with a remote device, a Programming Transponder Key. This one-time process uses electronics to transmit the vehicle’s information to the remote memory chip…

blog 14 Dec
What Is A Laser Cut Key? 3 Views

Laser-cut keys are keys made by a laser rather than a physical cutting method. They produce much more precise cuts than other methods and improve any vehicle's security. They also help to reduce the possibility of theft and can save the consumer money in reduced locksmith visits. Top Phoenix Locksmith…

blog 29 Nov
Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock in Your Home 1 Views

Do you have a deadbolt lock for your front door? If not, you should seriously consider it. Deadbolts are becoming more and more popular as people realize the benefits they have to offer. When you have a deadbolt on your door, you're making it difficult for anyone to break in. This can be great for…

blog 16 Nov
Ways to Reduce The Risk of Office Intruders 2 Views

At Top Phoenix Locksmith, we provide a range of services to homes and businesses, including emergency lockout and replacement of lost car keys. Our locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded, covered by insurance, and ready to serve you, including holidays. As commercial locksmiths, we are often tasked…

blog 08 Nov
What to Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Car 2 Views

Do you know what to do when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle? There are many things to consider when facing a car lockout. You may not know it, but there can be an emergency situation, depending on the circumstances. Although locksmiths usually service these situations, sometimes you will…

blog 02 Nov
How to Program Car Keys 1 Views

One of the most common car keys we are asked about is how to replace lost car keys with a new key when the original has been lost. Fortunately, especially for modern cars and keys, it's possible to have your trusted locksmith make you a copy of the original car key from a blank or ignition and door…

blog 26 Oct
Choosing the Right Smart Locks 2 Views

Choosing the right smart lock for your home or garage can be daunting. It's difficult to determine which smart lock will work best for your home. The good news is Top Phoenix Locksmith will take all the confusion out of the equation for you. We'll help you understand each type of smart lock…

blog 20 Oct
Removing a Broken Key Stuck In Ignition 2 Views

You want to take action immediately when you see that a key has become stuck in your car's ignition. This is a huge stressor, as car owners don’t enjoy feeling helpless. If you confront this issue on your own and use the wrong tools and methods, there are chances that the consequences can…

blog 13 Oct
How to Remove a Stuck or Broken Key 2 Views

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a key stuck inside a lock? Unfortunately, people, who often find themselves with a broken or jammed key, are not sure how to go about unblocking their key. Luckily for you, our Top Phoenix locksmith team is prepared to help with key replacement and other…

blog 05 Oct
Can You Replace A Door Knob With A Deadbolt? 2 Views

If you are wondering whether you need a deadbolt, this article will give you the information you need to decide. A deadbolt is a lock that joins the door and the door frame, and they are preferable to a typical lock because they offer more security against forcing and manipulation. Often homeowners…

blog 28 Sep
8 Types Of Locks You Can Think About 1 Views

Locks demand our attention, and that is because if they are not working properly, we can find ourselves in a challenging situation. Locks are designed to ensure we’re safe, and they must perform the way they were meant to. Think about it. Without proper locks, you risk danger on your property…

blog 21 Sep
Do Burglars Actually Pick Locks? 2 Views

Criminals Don’t Pick Locks…at least not the kind of locks you’d find at your local hardware store. Don’t let yourself get mistaken, though. There are a few rare cases where someone has picked the lock, but they were truly master locksmiths, and we’re not exactly dealing…

blog 14 Sep
Ways to Unlock a Door Without a Key 2 Views

There are times when you need quick and effective ways to get a door unlocked but don't have the right tool on hand. There are several different key options that you could use to free your home or office from the grasp of a locked door. The most common tools are: A credit card, bone folder, razor…

blog 07 Sep
6 Signs That You Need A New Lock On Your Front Door 2 Views

If you're worried about your home lock quality, it's time to consider hiring a professional from Top Phoenix Locksmith to handle the situation. By hiring an experienced locksmith, you can count on getting professional lock installation that will benefit your home in several ways. The Key Does…

blog 24 Aug
How Foolproof Is Your Transponder Key? 2 Views

Transponder keys have been around for nearly 20 years, but most people don't know exactly how they work, what a transponder key is, or why it's so important to the automotive industry. The technology has been improved significantly. Key fob programming is fast, efficient, and doesn't require…

blog 17 Aug
Here's Why Thefts Increase During the Summer 2 Views

There are many types of crimes that happen during the summertime. While you might think it's all sunshine and lollipops during the season, closer inspection reveals a disturbing truth. From June to August, there was an increase in thefts nationwide. This is due to the warm weather conditions, which…

blog 11 Aug
5 Reasons Your Door Won’t Close And How To Fix It 2 Views

Your door won't close no matter what you do? We'll help you find and fix the real problem. The toggle bolts not locking, right? When your door doesn't close, there are a lot of things that could be wrong. The trouble is you may not know of all of them. Top Phoenix Locksmith serves hundreds…

blog 04 Aug
Three Maintenance Tips for Your Home's Garage Door 2 Views

Your garage door is exposed to all of the elements. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not subject to corrosion and other mechanical failures. For this reason, you must keep up with on-site maintenance. Start by testing the automatic reverse feature to ensure your motor isn't…

blog 28 Jul
Why TSA Locks Are Not Worth It? 2 Views

If you haven't heard, TSA locks are not the best option to protect your belongings while flying. Many travelers make the mistake of thinking that TSA locks mean their luggage will never be opened. The truth is that TSA officers can open any luggage they want to, but this doesn't mean they will…

blog 20 Jul
4 Easy Ways To Program & Replace Car Remotes 2 Views

Owning a car is not only a significant responsibility, but it also involves certain challenges. Many things can break quickly, and one of the most aggravating dilemmas is when your car key remote stops working. A professional locksmith from Top Phoenix Locksmith is the most error-free option for key…

blog 14 Jul
Signs You Need a Door Replacement 2 Views

Doors don't last forever - they will eventually break down, wear down, and need a replacement. This can be when the locks are damaged beyond repair, the door develops cracks or tight joints and becomes prone to warping, or parts like the frame or hinges fail. If you want to stop buying new deadbolts…

blog 29 Jun
Types of Locks: What is the Difference? 1 Views

If you are about to call a locksmith for your home or business, you may wonder what the difference is between various types of locks. After all, does it matter if you have a key-in-knob lock or a deadbolt? Top Phoenix Locksmith can help you determine which lock installation is most appropriate for your…

blog 23 Jun
What To Do When Locked Out?  2 Views

"I'm locked out" is something that everybody dreads. You're in a hurry, maybe late for work, and forgot or misplaced your keys. Your spare key is at a neighbor's house or stuck somewhere inside the house. This is when you need help from Top Phoenix Locksmith. It will take us only…

blog 09 Jun
How To Open A Car Locked With The Key Fob Inside 1 Views

The chances are that we've all been in a similar situation — either with our own vehicle or perhaps while traveling when someone else's key fob gets locked inside. The only practical way to open the door is to call a locksmith or tow truck. Well, not necessarily. While calling for help…

blog 25 May
What Type Of Training Does It Take To Become A Locksmith? 2 Views

The best place to get training for becoming a locksmith is at a locksmith school. The most crucial thing that a student will learn at a locksmith school is the skills required for getting the job done as a professional. You will learn how to work with various locks, pick locks and other types of security…

blog 18 May
5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras To Protect Your Homes Perimeter 1 Views

Gone are when home security meant keeping burglars away by locking your door. Now, there are different gadgets and tools that you can use to secure your home better. But what do you need? This is where outdoor security cameras come into the picture — giving us an easy way to monitor our home or…

blog 09 May
How To Make The Same Key For Multiple Locks? 1 Views

Having a master key system installed in your company office, apartment, or home is pretty standard, and it is also not rare that it gets damaged or lost over time. You can always call an expert to fix the problem by installing a new master key system, but it will cost you much money. Fortunately, there…

blog 25 Apr
The Common Causes of Ignition Switch Malfunctions 1 Views

If your key fell into the ignition, you might be afraid that you're not getting out of this one alive. You're not alone. The ignition key getting stuck inside the ignition switch is the most common ignition-related issue in most cars today. This causes a "stuck" feeling when trying…

blog 12 Apr
How Temperature Changes Affect Locks 2 Views

Temperature changes are all around us every year. How do they affect our locks? You may be wondering how weather changes or different temperatures may affect the locks on your car, home, or business. Top Phoenix Locksmith will cover the main ways temperature can affect locks and how you can prevent…

blog 08 Apr
Everything To Know About Exit Devices 2 Views

Having an emergency exit device can help you get out of your entire home safely in case of an emergency. The problem comes when you don't know what to choose. Whether it is a rim lock or a mortise style lock or a vertical rod, or anything else, you might be confused about why some are used for specific…

blog 01 Apr
Most Common Door Lock Problems 2 Views

The security of your home is vital since it is the priority of every homeowner to guarantee the safety of their loved ones. However, most people focus on various security additions like cameras and forget to pay attention to the doors in their homes. Failure to regularly maintain your door locks leads…

blog 24 Mar
Why You Need to Rekey Your Home 2 Views

If you are moving into a new home, there's a lot to deal with, from unpacking to setting up the utilities and ensuring everything is in tiptop condition. It is easy to forget to change your locks, posing several security risks with all that's going on. Several people might still have a copy…

blog 17 Mar
How to Replace or Repair Your Car’s Key Fob? 2 Views

As technology impacts various aspects of our lives, the motor vehicle industry has also seen drastic changes like the car key fob. Most modern cars come with this device which allows drivers to gain access without inserting a key inside the door. Some even go to the extent of controlling the vehicle’s…

blog 10 Mar
Lost Keys? What to Do Now? 1 Views

Losing or misplacing your teeth is quite frustrating and can lead to inconveniences in your busy life and work schedule. Whether it's your car keys or house keys, you shouldn't panic trying to search the internet for a locksmith near me since Top Phoenix Locksmith is your go-to service provider.…

blog 06 Mar
5 Best Electronic Door Locks for Your Home 2 Views

Electronic door locks are commonly found in commercial buildings, but they also diversify into residential property. Since electronic locks came into the scene, homeowners were skeptical about upgrading their locks and often shied away due to price and novelty. However, this is no longer the case since…

blog 04 Mar
How to Find a Trusted Nearby Locksmith  2 Views

Are you locked out of your home without a spare key? Do you need to replace your entry door locks after an attempted burglary? Whether you need a commercial, residential or automotive locksmith service, it’s important to hire a trustworthy locksmith who will put your needs first. Unfortunately,…

blog 04 Mar
The Responsibilities of a Mobile Locksmith 2 Views

There are many situations when one needs a reliable and reputable mobile locksmith, whether dealing with a lockout situation, a damaged key, or any other emergency. Since the most lock and key emergencies happen at the least expected time, these situations are not planned and can lead to frustration…

blog 04 Mar
What Should You Do When You Lose Your Keys? 2 Views

Losing keys is a regular occurrence that can happen to anyone. Whether you are trying to get into your home or start your car, losing your keys can lead to inconveniences and frustration when you least expect. Top Phoenix Locksmith is your go-to service provider when you find yourself in such a situation.…


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I called and called and called around places. Every one of them seemed fishy. They always say they will have a tech call you. The tech wants to charge an arm and a leg...and come to you. Thank you Top Phoenix Locksmith!!

Ciara Ingrid

Super professional service. I needed a lock change on my front door. Someone broke into my house and this time I wanted a lock with a code system - so I could feel more secured. The lady in the phone was very friendly and helped me out with booking an appointment with the locksmith. Everything went smooth, professional and good quality. The locksmith even tested the code systems several times before leaving. Best service! Definitely calling them again (if needed)

Williams Jery

Tech is great at what he does. His prices are good and his service was fast. He was very upfront with me about everything and didn't just stick me with a surprisingly huge bill (which has happened from other locksmiths! one charged me $230 to let me in my standard lock home!) We will for sure use him in the future

Tolles Konzept

Thank you for running a business like we all should. You guys are true examples of exemplary customer service! I will recommend you forever!

Kevin Thomas

Very Professional Locksmith services. The technician was prompt for appointment, quick & efficient with his work. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends family and colleagues. Thank You!

Agnes Wilkins

I put a request in online and they called quickly and came out pretty fast as well. The boys who helped were very nice and professional and worked as quickly as they could. Very much appreciated and one of the best experiences I’ve had!

Dustin Townsend