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secondary 17 Aug

Best Ways to Secure a Bedroom Door

People tend to focus more on external doors when it comes to home security. From using high-quality door lock installations, deadbolts, and smart locks. 

What about the internal doors, like the bedroom door? How do you secure them? You may live in a shared apartment where everyone has a bedroom, or you want to protect your private space. 

The methods we listed in this article can help you. However, in most cases, you will need a dependable locksmith to help you install some of these products, so don't hesitate to call Top Phoenix Locksmith. We want to ensure you secure your bedroom door. All you need to do is follow these methods.

Methods That Help to Secure the Bedroom Door

Use Chain Locks

Using chain locks is a typical motel style of securing a door, and you can apply it to your bedroom door too. It is easy to install and more affordable than most locks. You only need a screwdriver and drilling tools for the installation.

Install Door Reinforcement Locks

Like the chain locks that can only be engaged when you or someone else is inside, door reinforcement locks work the same way. The door lock installation process is also easy, and with a few tools, your locksmith can attach it to your door jamb. 

Reinforcement locks are sturdy and resistant to kicking. It can be a disadvantage if a child gets locked up behind the reinforcement door. If such a situation arises, call emergency responders.

Smart Locks

Though this is not the type of door lock installation you would likely see in most bedroom doors, it can be a much-needed option, especially if you desperately want to secure your door. 

Smart locks are installed on deadbolts in the bathroom and internal doors. With them, you can conveniently monitor your door remotely. 

Portable Door Locks

Travel-ready portable locks are the perfect ones. The metal plate of the lock engages the door' strike to lock the door by fitting the attached handle. This type of lock works perfectly for doors that open inwards.

Door Barricade

A door barricade is also used from inside the bedroom door. It fits the door's floor, making it difficult to penetrate by forced entry. The barricade is handy for an emergency lock you can use at night. The bolt fits tightly into the floor, forming an immovable pact with it. 

High-Security Locks

Locks come in various strengths and capacities. These days, high-security locks are used to secure different doors from entry to exit doors. Whether you are in the bedroom or not, the doors can be locked with a key. As the name suggests, these locks are made from high-quality hardened metal, which makes them tough and resistant to bumping or picking. 

Let us help you Maintain Privacy!

Choosing the product to secure your bedroom door involves utilizing a safe and effective lock. Maintaining privacy is essential, especially when you need privacy in a shared building. 

At Top Phoenix Locksmith, we are experts in offering home security locksmith services. We are always ready to help homeowners maintain the highest level of security. Irrespective of your location, we want to be sure of your safety. Call us to enjoy our home security locksmith services.

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